lady ashley (la_dy_ashley) wrote in van_nistelrooy,
lady ashley

Ruud video interview

Hi, I´ve just joined up the community! It´s a pity we´re not so active here, so I decided to revive us Ruud fans a bit:)

Here´s a video of el Madrid´s traning session before the crucial match against Sevilla. After the images of their I don´t know what training, there´s a press conference with Ruud. He´s speaking Spanish; what he actually says is that they are to win everything now if they want to be champions, and that it´s gonna be tough coz Sevilla has been playing on a very high level for the recent two years.

Ruud´s got all the chances to become the Pichichi this season (the top-scorer in the Spanish League), since he´s only ONE goal behind the first place, shared by Kanouté and a Getafe striker whose name I forgot...
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